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Among the consulting firms in Malaysia, Creative Digital Engine is specialized in online business audit, consultancy and online reputation management.

The aim of our service is to help you to find out your company’s situation in the internet. And to help your company improve its sales performance online.

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2020 is a challenging year for business due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Not only is it impacting the lives of people around the world, it is also impacting the global economy, and locally, it will have an impact on small business owners.

So what can you do as an entrepreneur during these challenging times?

Here are some practical tips for your business during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Tip 1: Offer your services online & change up your hours

The alteration of hours means customers have enough room to practice social distancing while shopping for necessities. 

Malaysia-based business My Art Studio, which usually hosts painting classes at their location, is using a new online strategy to stay afloat in a creative way. 

Instead of onsite sessions, the art lessons are taught online. 

To encourage its students to participate online class, they even came up with online art competition on related Covid-19 topics to educate the students as well. Parents can submit their child’s artwork by posting on the art studio’s facebook page. Winner’s artwork will then be acknowledge and posting online. 

This is an example of how a business can adapt to the changing environment by using just Facebook. You just have to put in the effort.

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Tip 2: Enable food delivery for your F&B business ASAP

With movement restricted, and people encouraged to stay at home, F&B businesses are reporting a ~30% increase in food delivery requests. During a COVID-19 lockdown (like now), both businesses and Malaysian consumers are going to need food delivery more than ever. 

If you’ve ever wondered if you should hop on the food delivery bandwagon – now’s the time.

Here are some options

  • Get on a food delivery marketplace like GrabFood or Foodpanda (catch is their service fees go as high as 35%)
  • Enable food delivery for your shop relying on Facebook & your own website (you need to have your own delivery)

TIP: Regardless of which methods you choose, you need to promote your food delivery across all your social media channels, send out an SMS blast to your customers, and update your Google My Business profile to get traffic to your site.

EXAMPLE: I want to share a success story involve selling only Chicken Rice. This Pandan Indah-based restaurant is called Restoran Dee Nasi Ayam PandanIndah.

Their restaurant sales TRIPLED during Covid-19, the restaurant owner was even interviewed by a tv reporter on it’s over the night success.

Here’s their STRATEGY.

  1. Create a Facebook page for chicken rice shop.
  2. Using food delivery & take away only.
  3. Run Facebook Advertisements on a daily basis near lunch & dinner hours.
  4. Add more variety into menu by working with other nearby f&b providers.

I believe everybody can do this.

Don’t need graphic designers and beautifully high resolution pictures. See below.

Tip 3: Run promotions and a customer loyalty program

Sales and foot traffic are down for a lot of brick-and-mortar stores in countries with rising coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, especially the stores that don’t sell daily life essentials like toilet paper and canned food.

But there is one thing that we’ve been hearing in the small business community in Malaysia (and even Thailand), which has helped these physical stores stay afloat.

And that is…

Their loyal customers.

This makes sense, because according to our data, loyal customers spend up to 3 times more than new customers.

So getting your customers to keep coming back is an important thing that you need to focus on during this time where we predict to see a drop in retail sales.

Here are two things that you can do:

  • Run promotions to encourage spending
  • Run a customer loyalty program in your website so you can collect your customers’ info in order to better reward, sell to, and communicate with them to keep them coming back.
  • Run a referral reward program to reward your loyal fans when the recommend friends to you. Make it public & promote them across your loyalty program.

TIP: Be sure to use social media, messages, and email to tell your customers if you’re running any promotions or programs.

Tip 4: Level up your branding and social media game

As a small business owner, you are at the heart of your community and you also play an important role in the economy.

So what you have to say matters.

Use your voice and brand during this time to post about what you’re doing for your business, employees, and customers, whilst also educating the general public about the coronavirus.

Some social media posts you can come up with are:

  • highlights of your safety and hygiene processes to minimise the risk of the coronavirus spread and infection
  • coronavirus dos and don’ts, coronavirus misconceptions
  • motivational tips for other business owners
  • highlight coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts or government organisations that you’ve supported
  • shoutouts for your loyal customers who shopped with you recently, thanking them for their support

TIP: As much as its your priority to sell your product and services. Make sure you make an impression that your brand is actually  more concerned about the well being of the customers and that you hope to create more value to the customers.

Tip 5: Bundle up with package

This is particularly important for every type of sellers and service providers.

Coming up with a package design will help you not only generate immediate cash flow but also get you new customers during this difficult times.

In generating a bundle package, the strategy to create 3 types of package.

I will give an example using a serviced based industry, hair saloon. Here’s how you should do it.

Consulting firms in malaysia 18

TIP: It is important to indicate which package you want your customers to purchase. In this case is Package B obviously.

Package A is too ordinary, typical 30% off.

Package C is too expensive, 3 x higher than package A.

Package B makes the most sense. It has the highest discount and it is limited to 100 users only.

If you need our help.

Our mission is

To build traffic and then turn the leads into a conversation.

1. Create Massive Traffic

Ways such as live telecast, post engagement & paid advertisement with help your business gain attention and traffic within a short amount of time.

2. Create Conversion Tool

By building traffic, we now have leads to work on. The next step would be to improve your conversion by creating automation & improving your funnel design.

Results You Can Expect

We are sure that your business will survive as long as you follow the recommended tips and implement for your business.

However, if you need any help for your business. Please contact our firms consulting representatives here and we will try our best to provide  you with the best solution and advice in Malaysia.