Why Hire A Digital Advertising Company In Penang Malaysia

WHY Hire A Digital Advertising COMPANY In Penang Malaysia

Why do you want Digital Marketing for your business in Penang Malaysia?

Define your objective or primary goal.

What problems is your business facing now? Or do you want to expand your market reach outside Malaysia?





Honestly, if your business is not appearing on the first page when a potential customer is searching for your services or products on Google; you are missing out on the sale. The worst is that your potential customers are now buying or acquiring services from your competitors who appears in the first page of Google search.

“Is your product more superior or being sold at a much cheaper price than your competitors?”

All efforts of your promotions, your marketing activities done for your products are wasted when customers don’t see you on the top pages of Google Search! Do you want your competitors to take away all your potential customer?

So how your competitors managed to make their website or products or services being on the top pages of Google Search?

Its Digital Marketing!

But before you opt using digital advertising as a means to improve your business sales. You first need to start know the problem with your current website (if you don’t receive regular potential business leads everyday).

Below are example of the two types of Digital Advertising that normally Digital Advertising Company will use to immediately improve your web ranking and generate leads.

No.1 – Paid Search Google Advertising

No.2 – Paid Social Media Advertising

No.1: Paid Search Google Advertising to be Ranked No.1

With over 3.5 billion search happening on Google everyday, you well know why being active in the Google is important. Using paid search – whereby you pay Google to advertise your content using relevant Keywords – is one of the most popular and effective type of Digital Advertising.

Naturally, being ranked No.1 or being on top of the search page guarantees you a potential buyer. Using Paid Search Digital Advertising is the easiest way to make you top of the search page.

Being the easiest way, every business owner will join in to compete to be at the top No.1 ranking spot for their industry. With the enormous demand to be the top ranking Digital Advertisement, Google will trigger an auction. This is when competition happens between Digital Advertisers; bidding for Keywords that are related to search queries those users consistently enter into Google.

Below is an example for an Italian Restaurant Owner.

(You would want all those search Keywords to lead to your restaurant’s website or Facebook page right?)

However, using only money to bid for your Keywords are not the correct way. You might end us wasting a lot of money for advertising using the relevant keywords or content.

This is how Google will select; keywords from the advertiser’s ads group that they deem most relevant to users’ search queries and enter it into the auction.

A Google auction isn’t like your typical auction. They will stage a fair valuation, so instead of the highest bidder always winning the auction, the bidder with the highest Ad Rank always wins.

So.. How is Ad Rank determined?

Ad Rank is calculated by multiplying your maximum cost-per-click bid with the quality of score your ad, which is calculated by measuring your page’s relevance to the keyword, user experience, and click-through-rate. This means you can’t acquire the top ranking for any keyword they want just because they have the biggest ad budgets. Their content has to be engaging or provides valuable information toward the users.


Picture Credit: WordStream

The common Google Advertisement is to use Google AdWords. Google AdWords wants to give incentives the best advertisers to advertise the best content. So they reward ads that have high quality scores with higher ad rankings and lower cost-per-clicks.

At the same time, they also want to discourage bad advertisers from advertising bad content. This is the reason why advertisers with low quality scores will usually only acquire a high ad position even though they pay a huge cost-per-click bid. If they want to pay lower a cost-per-click, they have to settle with being at the bottom of the ad rankings.

When you win a Google auction; your actual cost-per-click will be calculated by the second highest ad rank divided by your quality score, adding one cent. The only time you’ll pay your maximum bid is when you are the only bidder in the auction; or if you make the highest bid in the auction, but you have the lowest ad rank. In this case, you’ll acquire the last ad rank.

Picture Credit: WordStream

Tell me If you Think Digital Google Advertising is Not Important

You probably realize that running a Digital Advertisement using Google Ads is probably very effective in immediately capturing your potential customers. And most important is not to lose them to your competitors. Hiring a Digital Advertising Company would really help you if you are planning to use a Digital Advertising Campaign in Penang or in many other states or countries.

No. 2 Paid Social Media Advertising

Knowing this about Social media will BLOW your MIND!!

(As mentioned from Search Engine Journal https://www.searchenginejournal.com/social-media-facts/258533/#close)


Social Media Usage Stats

  1. We like to share the love. The average internet user has 7.6 social media accounts.
  2. Between Q2 and Q3 of 2017, the number of social media users skyrocketed by 121 million.
  3. Mature users aged 55-64 are more than twice as likely to interact with branded content than their younger social media consuming counterparts.
  4. Followers aren’t the only ones talking. 96 percent of social media users that talk about a brand online, don’t even follow the brand’s profile.
  5. Today, more than 3.2 billion images will be shared on social media posts.
  6. 49 percent of social media users share product information with the hopes of improving the lives of others.
  7. We spend a lifetime average of 5 years and 3 months on social media.

Facebook Stats

  1. Facebook will lose 2 million users under the age of 25 this year.
  2. Think the United States has the highest number of Facebook users? Nope! India beats them out by about 30 million lovers of Facebook. Indonesia and Brazil are in tight competition for a third place.
  • 8 billion videos are viewed daily on Facebook.
  • 5 million Facebook accounts belong to rule-breakers under the age of 10.
  • But, don’t worry. Moms are keeping an eye on them, and they’re also the biggest brand boosters on Facebook, with 58 percent of them following their favorite brands.
  • Humor wins. Men and women are equally likely to share funny videos or articles and news content on Facebook.

Instagram Stats

  • Who has the highest number of followers on Instagram? Talk about self-love – Instagram itself is the winner with over 233 million followers.
  • 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business profile; and 200 million of those users are consistently checking in to see what their favorite brands are up to.
  • Instagram stories are 2 times more popular than Snapchat.
  • Top brands love Instagram, which is demonstrated by the 85 percent of them that hang out on the network.

YouTube Stats

  • More video is uploaded to YouTube every month than the major broadcasting networks.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, taking second to Google with 3 billion searches a month.
  • The average YouTube session is 40 minutes.
  • YouTube claims ownership of more than half of the time people spend watching video. This includes the entire internet and television.

Twitter Stats

  • There’s a lot of empty space on Twitter. Although there are 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, only about a quarter of them – 336 million – are active every month.
  • 3 years, 2 months and 1 day – this is how long it took to go from the first tweet to the billionth. Now we’re tweeting 200 billion times per year.
  • You better be on your toes. 53 percent of Twitter users expect a response from a business in less than an hour. But, if they’re upset or have a problem, that number rises to 72 percent.
  • 80 percent of Twitter users access the network from their smartphone.

Pinterest Stats

  • Is Pinterest an effective social platform for conveying the message and value of your brand? Women think so, with 81 percent of them trusting Pinterest as a source of reliable news and information.
  • Consumers that land on your site through Pinterest are 10 times more likely to complete a purchase than visitors that have come through other referrals.
  • They also spend more, with an average spend of $140-$180 compared to those coming from Facebook that spend an average of $60-$80.

Social Media Marketing Stats

  • 5 million brands are advertising on Facebook.
  • Social media’s worldwide ad spend was $35 billion in 2017, accounting for 16 percent of all digital ads.

Well.. The above research results from Search Engine Journal basically sums up all. That is only the beginning of what we should know about Social Medias and what they are cable of. Depending on your business or services, you should use different types of social medias for Digital Advertising. Due to this, you should probably look into hiring a professional Digital Advertising Company to help you select the best social medias.

In The End

After learning about the potential of Digital Advertising. Know that the quickest and most effective way to meet your audience where they spend most of their time is through browsing the internet.

Using Paid Digital Advertising, advertisers has access to various tool to better optimize their creative Digital Campaigns. They can choose the objective of their digital advertising campaigns, the type of ads they promote, and target audience of their advertisement, which can get incredibly specific. This is the best way to engage your audiences and to convert them into your customers.

Creative Digital Engine

We at Creative Digital Engine are a Digital Advertising Company dedicated to helping you maximize your brand’s potential to reach your target market with cost-effective Digital Advertising Campaigns in Penang, Malaysia.

Get us to help you and be Your Penang Digital Advertising Company. See your sales Double your investment. 

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