Top 5 Mistakes about Digital Advertising in Penang Malaysia

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Top 5 Mistakes about Digital Advertising in penang Malaysia

  1. Running too many Digital Ads at the same time.
  2. Digital Marketing not focusing on returning visitors
  3. Not maintaining your consistency in Content Marketing
  4. Not Finding the right Social Media for your business
  5. Always run paid Digital Advertising


Mistake 1: Running too many Digital Advertising at the same time

For a beginner at Digital Advertising, I understand that you might think that running many Digital Advertisement is going to help your business reach more people. Thinking this will which eventually bring you more leads or potential customers is wrong. Large quantity of poorly targeting campaigns with poor contents are not going to get you those advertisement clicks and views.

Well, I am here to tell you why that is a wrong from our view of expertise – A Digital Advertising Company in Penang known as the Creative Digital Engine.

This will cause:

  • Damage to your brand image with audiences thinking it as a spam advertisement.
  • Poor results from Digital Advertising. Probably high impressions but low engagements; or low conversion.
  • Higher CPL (Cost-per-Lead) where you need to spend more into generating leads for your business.

Follow this.

We at Creative Digital Engine – A Digital Advertising Company in Penang suggested this. Follow this Digital Advertising rule – The 80 – 20 rule.

The 20% best quality Digital Advertisement or Creative Campaign Ads will normally attract 80% of the audiences.


The 80% of your Digital Advertisement should focus on creative valuable engaging contents; while 20% should be on your Digital Advertising efforts. 


The common mistakes for most business man is that they focus 80% into selling their products; while only the 20% are giving valuable or useful information for the customer. This is an example of a grave mistake.

Mistake 2: Digital Marketing NOT focusing on returning visitors

Another common mistake is about business owners is that they keep advertising for new customers. Acquiring new customers is important for any business in order to keep your business grow. But keep in mind that, returning visitors always have the higher tendency engage purchasing behavior. Returning visitors had a good experience with the previous purchase; and most probably looking to purchase again. Why overlook this fact and only remain focused on continuous bringing new visitors to your website?

We suggest:

Ideally, you should have a broad range of Digital Marketing strategies to achieve your goals. Instead of just looking at running Digital Advertising, look into Re-targeting tactics with email marketing. Once you have the email information or your existing buyers, re-target them into buying again. This can be done with high quality content with an incentive that they cannot resist (see data from last purchase) or valuable perks.

Not doing so is one of the biggest mistake that leads to the bundles of sales not made even when you already have customers.

Mistake 3: Not maintaining your consistency in Content Marketing

By now, you should know that content is king when it comes to generating website traffic. But it doesn’t mean that as long as you post consistently every day is the right way in Content Marketing. If your post is lacking value, not informative, not related, not engaging; your Digital Marketing is not working.

Remember that users want to invest time and money with your brand because they know you are the best in the industry. Believe that you are most knowledgeable in your specific industry. If you don’t give them valuable contents to showcase that, they are likely to leave you.

Showcase your contents to build trust.




Focus on the needs of your users, include vibrant graphic or useful info graphics, also look into quantitative data like statistics while you are presenting your contents. Showcasing the latest technology in the industry, product trends, customer feed backs and such it is a good way to add legitimacy and trust.

Mistake 4: Not Finding the right Social Media for your business

Most businesses know that they need to be on social media. But which ones?

It is also probably going to create confusions, if you have multiple Social Media accounts on different platforms.

For a beginner, using all Social Media for your business is a recipe of disaster. Remember that.

Remember this Social Media Rule when you just started.

Being a new small business owner, your aim should be to find the right Social Media to put your business on. This means that in the beginning you should focus only on, at the most, a few Social Media platforms that you’re already feeling comfortable with. For Malaysia, I would suggest Facebook & Instagram.

After trying on these platforms, note how many interactions you’re getting and if you are running Digital Advertisement, evaluate the performance.

For example, if Instagram isn’t giving you any good engagements, then move on to others and focus on the Facebook platform that does!

You should focus only on Social Media platforms that gives you high level of user interactions such as likes, comments and share. Don’t waste time on platforms that are not giving you good returns after running your Digital Advertisement.

Once you have decided on your platform, focus into building loyalty users. Provide valuable contents by using visually attractive graphic or engaging videos. Keep igniting the interest/hobby to engage more buys; show them how good it is.

Mistake 5: Always run Paid Digital Advertising

Running Paid Digital Advertising is probably on most people’s mind when we think of running advertisements in the internet. If you are in Penang or Malaysia, you have probably heard of Google Ad Words, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads. Those are all paid Digital Advertisements.

Well. It is true that using Paid Digital Advertisements will increase website traffics, get you more likes, more shares, more leads and such. Know that there are other ways too, ways to get your organic reaches. These ways don’t cost you as much as putting up a Digital Advertisement, it just takes a lot more effort.

Introducing SEO or Seach Engine Optimization. Your Digital Marketing strategies is not complete without SEO. I think every small business owner in Penang, Malaysia who ventures into the world of Digital Marketing has heard about SEO. By the way, SEO spells Search Engine Optimization. This makes your website ranks in the top spot, beat your competitor and leave them to dust.

Common Mistakes:

  1. There are some who thinks that just listing as many related keywords as possible ranks you first page. Very easy.
  2. There are also some who thinks that SEO waste time and probably Paid Digital Advertisement is better.

The above may be true, but only to some extent. SEO don’t only rely on listing as many keywords in your website and using Paid Digital Advertisement is not the best way.

We are here to tell you that Using SEO in your Digital Marketing is still the best way to drive free traffic to your website. Even your business name can influence your ranking in the search engine.

Working on your website SEO is not easy at all. We need to look into Website Optimization, Page Optimization, Credible Link building and such.

We say.

It is better to have SEO optimized to make your brand ranked on the Top Page whenever potential customers search for your services or products in google. Don’t miss out your customer, only to lose it to your competitors.

We will help you on your SEO Journey, click for a free one on one consultation session at our office in Penang, Malaysia.

Or visit our Homepage to learn more about the services we provide.








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