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Creating A Creative Digital Advertising Campaign for Penang Malaysia


Matching Your Creative Digital Advertising Campaign to your Campaign Goals

Are you ready to launch a Digital Advertisement campaign but you realized your creative content is delivering the wrong message? Or worse, no engaging message at all? Know that the right creative content can make or break your campaign. Before launching your Digital Advertising campaign, don’t risk falling flat on both your audience and your KPIs. It is always so important to make sure you follow these guidelines to make sure your Creative Digital Advertising Campaign to your Campaign Goals.

Set Your Campaign Goals

It is essential to align your Creative Digital Advertising Campaign with campaign objectives in the planning stage. Draw out an outline to list down what your goals are for the Digital Advertising campaign before starting working on the creative contents. What do you want your campaign to achieve? Are you trying to solve a problem? How do you measure success?

Your campaign goals will set the tone for what the creative content is trying to accomplish and what elements graphic designers should incorporate into the Advertisement.

Work on the Digital Advertising Content & Message

Once you have your campaign framework right, you work on those Advertising Creatives. So, what should your creative content focus on?

  • Content with a strong and clear message
  • Create a sense of scarcity/ limited
  • Create feeling of urgency
  • Drive emotions of your viewers



An effective Digital Advertising Content needs not only visually attractive graphics, it needs to deliver a strong message. The more effective the message; the closer we are to achieve your campaign goals.

See example of a powerful Digital Advertisement from McDonalds.

Who wouldn’t buy? Its two for the price of one. The message is clear and strong. It wants its customers to buy after 3pm. You save 50% from the original price.

Test & Track Best Digital Advertisement of your Campaign

Good job finishing your first digital advertisement.

Now. We need to create a few more digital advertisements. We need to run some A/B testing on your designs to see which template gives the best results.

You need run for at least 3-4 weeks for a more accurate result. Remember to use the same size Ads.

Observe your campaign analytics so see which ads gives the best results. Once you have a winner, this valuable Ads setting is the best. Keep using it or refine it for future Digital Advertising Campaign.

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