Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Understanding what is SEO

If you check in wikipedia, SEO probably means this – Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website or a web page within a search engine’s results page (SERP).

But it simply translate as a way to help your company website rise to the top pages in Google Search Engine. This is not by running Google Advertisements; it is the organic way.

Probably the best practice? Why?

We will explain more about it below. Keep reading.


SEO Builds Trust & Credibility for Company

Google ranks your website based on the trust and credibility of your website. How effective your SEO is basically depends on how well visitors trust your contents. It also boost your SEO when outside sources gives you credibility on your services provided or products used.

Examples of these actions will help improve SEO,

  • High positive reviews
  • Favorable user experience
  • Recommended tags
  • Quality back link profiles

Your goal is to build a strong foundation for a visually-appealing website that has useful contents. making sure that it enhances user experience and that your website is easily discover able.

Always keep in mind that making your brand as an authority in the industry takes patience,  much effort, and commitment to your profession. Offering a valuable information, quality products and good after sales service will get customers to trust your brand. It’s impossible to build trust and credibility overnight, it must be earned and built over time.

SEO is Cheap

But it will still cost you.

Every you love in life do, right? 

If you were to compare it with running Paid Digital Advertisement, SEO is cheap. However, the payoff is most likely going to be towards your brand’s benefit and reputation. Eventually, this will benefit your bottom line as well.

You should not consider this as a marketing cost; because this is like an investment that guarantees result. A good SEO foundation in your website is likely to hold you in position for years to come. Create valuable contents for your customers and educate them instead of just selling on the website. Build your loyal followers through helping them ease through life; they will pay you in return with brand loyalty.

SEO is a Long Term Strategy

I stand by my word when I say a good SEO foundation will keep your brand on top for years.

But as market matures and evolves, you need to follow trends and change accordingly too. Keeping your contents updated and being passionate on your product will make you a more lasting contender in the market.

The more efforts you pour into understanding and learning about your industry will also help you discover new opportunities for your brand. Being a market leader, you will also be able to influence your industry. By leveraging on new opportunities first hand, you will be able to shine and always stand out from your competitors

The better a brand and its industry is understood and communicated, the more opportunities will arise to help it thrive. This is how SEO will work you magic in the long term.

If you are not on the first page, you suck

In SEO , it really means that. Literally.

Take this seriously if you don’t see improvements. Not being on top pages means no customers are seeing you in the market. If nobody sees you, how are you getting those clicks into your website. And how are you going to sell your products?

If you are not confident to do this yourself or have an experienced worker to work on your SEO; you should get a Digital Advertising Agency or Digital Marketer to solve this problem ASAP.

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