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Knowing this about Social media will BLOW your MIND!!

(As mentioned from Search Engine Journal

Social Media Usage Stats

  1. We like to share the love. The average internet user has 7.6 social media accounts.
  2. Between Q2 and Q3 of 2017, the number of social media users skyrocketed by 121 million.
  3. Mature users aged 55-64 are more than twice as likely to interact with branded content than their younger social media consuming counterparts.
  4. Followers aren’t the only ones talking. 96 percent of social media users that talk about a brand online, don’t even follow the brand’s profile.
  5. Today, more than 3.2 billion images will be shared on social media posts.
  6. 49 percent of social media users share product information with the hopes of improving the lives of others.
  7. We spend a lifetime average of 5 years and 3 months on social media.

Facebook Stats

  1. Facebook will lose 2 million users under the age of 25 this year.
  2. Think the United States has the highest number of Facebook users? Nope! India beats them out by about 30 million lovers of Facebook. Indonesia and Brazil are in tight competition for a third place.
  • 8 billion videos are viewed daily on Facebook.
  • 5 million Facebook accounts belong to rule-breakers under the age of 10.
  • But, don’t worry. Moms are keeping an eye on them, and they’re also the biggest brand boosters on Facebook, with 58 percent of them following their favorite brands.
  • Humor wins. Men and women are equally likely to share funny videos or articles and news content on Facebook.

Instagram Stats

  • Who has the highest number of followers on Instagram? Talk about self-love – Instagram itself is the winner with over 233 million followers.
  • 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business profile; and 200 million of those users are consistently checking in to see what their favorite brands are up to.
  • Instagram stories are 2 times more popular than Snapchat.
  • Top brands love Instagram, which is demonstrated by the 85 percent of them that hang out on the network.

YouTube Stats

  • More video is uploaded to YouTube every month than the major broadcasting networks.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, taking second to Google with 3 billion searches a month.
  • The average YouTube session is 40 minutes.
  • YouTube claims ownership of more than half of the time people spend watching video. This includes the entire internet and television.

Social Media Marketing Stats

  • 5 million brands are advertising on Facebook.
  • Social media’s worldwide ad spend was $35 billion in 2017, accounting for 16 percent of all digital ads.

Well.. The above research results from Search Engine Journal basically sums up all. That is only the beginning of what we should know about Social Medias and what they are cable of.

Do think you need

1. How Much does Social Media Marketing services cost in Malaysia?

For startups, our social media marketing starts from RM 600 a month. Of course, depending on the length of service and services you are getting, don’t be surprise that social media marketing can costs up to RM 10,000 a month depending on the project.

Here’s a checklist of items that we need from the client before we can provide an actual quote.

  1. Do you need paid-advertisement? How many campaigns per month?
  2. Prepare social media content writings with visual imaging (Frequency of post content)
  3. Do you need page support for responding and replying for your social media? 
  4. Duration of contract? (3 months, 6 months, 12 month)
  5. Nature of business?

Check out our start-up package here.

2. How much should you spend on Digital Advertising (Social Media) in Malaysia?

This is difficult to give you an exact figure to be honest. There are many factors such as company branding, current social media strategy and overall digital marketing goals.

However, if you are just starting a new business, allocate at least RM 500.00 for the 3 month for ads.

From the second month onwards, you should spend the same amount or more for more specific lead generation strategies such as email collection, signup for offers or making a sale.

3. What you should expect from a Marketing Agency?

A professional digital marketing agency like ours treat every clients equally and consistently without discrimination. We give our best on every project because we appreciate every opportunity given to us, what you will get are:

  • Strategy planning with your operation/marketing team
  • On-Call Customer service (Direct line project manager)
  • Monthly reports & analysis
We strongly believe that every investment from the client should represent actual value to their business. This is the reason why we work closely with every client to ensure that their objective is well met within the project duration.

4. What is your best Social Media Marketing package?

We have a standard 2 package to choose from for a start. 

Package A : For SME business

  • Product Digital Strategy planning for 6 months project
  • Social Media Brand Content for Facebook & Instagram (5 x content every month)
  • Paid-Advertisement management with 1 x Ads Campaign every month
  • Contact period 6 months

Fee Management RM600.00 per month

Package B: For Thriving business

  • Product Digital Strategy planning for 6 months project
  • Social Media Brand Content for Facebook & Instagram (10 x content every month)
  • Paid-Advertisement management with unlimited Ads Campaign every month
  • Unlimited Page Support (During Office hours) for responding and replying for your social media.
  • Contact period 6 months

Fee Management RM1200.00 per month

Package C: Advanced Flexi Customization

  • Product Digital Strategy planning for flexible no. of months 
  • Paid-Advertisement management based on Ads Campaign budget
  • Flexible options to choose

Choose & select options:

Social Media Content (5 x content every month) – RM500.00

Social Media Content (10 x content every month) – RM900.00

Unlimited Page Support (During Office hours) for responding and replying for your social media – RM600.00

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