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IM what I am

17-Jan-2021 Intellasia |
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World Premiere: “IM Motors” officially launched

SHANGHAI, Jan. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In Shanghai, China, CES, Las Vegas and London, UK launched simultaneously the brand of Zhiji Motors, jointly founded by SAIC Motor, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba: IM Motors, a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand was newly born. Adhering to the brand proposition of ‘IM what I am’, IM Motors coexists with users in the era of AI, defining what a car should look like and becoming “the leader of intelligent mobility in the era of intelligence”.

IM MOTORS-the Intelligent Pure Electric Car
IM MOTORS-the Intelligent Pure Electric Car

IM Motors: IM what I am

The Chinese brand name “Zhiji” was derived from the Great Appendix in The Book of Changes. “His knowledge embraces all things, and his course is helpful to all under the sky”. It is intended to use wisdom to understand all things, to diligently explore, to define, create and realise the consumer’s travelling needs in the era of AI. The English brand name, ‘IM’, means Intelligence in Motion, which is a rational reflection of the evolving direction of intelligent vehicles: an intelligent vehicle that focuses on the collaboration and achievements of artificial and human intelligence.

IM MOTORS-the Intelligent Pure Electric Car
IM MOTORS-the Intelligent Pure Electric Car

The brand logo contains a digital code from 0 to 1, which is concise and changeable to create a new world. In the era of big data, the icon is composed of 0 and 1, uses simple, friendly and interconnected language to reflect the tension of intelligent technology. To create a new era of smart mobility with consumers in the new era, the brand logo expresses the voice of a reformer with an artistic perception.

“IM what I am” and IM Motors have focused on consumers’ self-identity and self-expression. The ‘I’ in the new era is seeking, defining and realising its value in a complex world. IM Motors wants to be distinct and create tomorrow. The concurring ‘I’s’ form a ‘we’ to create a better world together.

IM Motors: What a car should be in the era of intelligence

The irreversible change in this era has given IM Motors a new question: What a car should be in the era of intelligence?

A car in the intelligent era should be able to communicate the feeling of facing sun, moon, stars, mountains, ocean and flower bloom and fall with users. IM Motors’ intelligent operating system, termed IMOS, is the first of its type in the world. With unprecedented intelligent multi-scenes, it creates the vehicle’s boundless cross-screen display, which has a flexible and multi-domain fusion. It can switch the interactive content to provide the driver with an exhilarating experience. The interaction between the human and the vehicle flows like boundless water and provides a sense of living, which is a new expectation and a technological experience for a new generation of users.

A car in the intelligent era should be a partner who can always co-exist with users and provide them with the best driving experience. IM Motors integrated the underlying functions and realised the system capability of SOA’s service atomised architecture, including a five-lane super god perspective and a full scene driving control (for example, mountain road and rest scenes). The appeal of SOA Service atomisation lies in that people’s needs are felt by the car and there is no need to discuss it. A thousand scenes provide a thousand self-creations.

A car in the intelligent era should also become a confidant for users to express, share and co-create in the 5G era. The DLP & ISC intelligent lighting systems are IM Motors’ first choice, which enables users to show their goodwill to the surroundings. The car’s intelligent camera system, Carlog, has three wide-angle cameras with a total of 150 million pixels and supports 4K video, 180° distortion-free wide-angle shooting. Comparable with smartphones, it also integrates many new functions, such as high-range dynamic, a 480 frame slow-motion and night scene shooting, delayed photography, instant generation, a master template, one-click sharing etc. In the 5G era, it creates a social sharing experience for users to instantly share.

A car in the intelligent era can solve the “pain point of automatic driving with Chinese characteristics” for users. Based on a scalable IPD intelligent driving centre supporting multiple Orin chips (500-1000Tops), vision-based and compatible with laser software and hardware architecture redundancy scheme, IM Motors is accelerating the implementation of a door-to-door Pilot. The first mass-produced vehicle was equipped with 15 high-definition visual cameras, 5-millimetre wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars. This was the standard visual perception solution to realise “urban intelligent navigation + high-speed intelligent navigation + centimetre level high-precision fixed-point automatic parking”. Based on the road conditions and driving habits in China, the system can automatically record, upload, label, model train and update through the Data-Driven core algorithm architecture. With government permission, it can open high-precision maps to realise the “full scene, most continuous, zero takeover” automatic driving, to fully liberate the user’s time and bring them a completely humanised automatic driving experience.

A car in the intelligent era should completely relieve users’ deeper anxiety about the adoption of new energy. In the future, IM Motors will be equipped with the standard 93kWh and high configuration 115kWh Si doped lithium-ion batteries, with performance exceeding 30% to 40% of the industry-leading level. The battery has the highest safety level of 300wh/kg ultra-high monomer energy density, which never spontaneously combusts. Relying on this battery, IM Motors can support a maximum endurance of almost 1000km in the complete architecture bandwidth and can achieve zero attenuation performance of 200,000 km. At the same time, the world’s first mass-production 11kw high-power wireless charging eliminates the need for wired charging and enables users to obtain an electric vehicle with constant energy and safety.

The realisation of these intelligent technologies depends on Data-Driven, which is the core IM Motors concept and product iteration. IM Motors’ exclusive data factory will reconstruct the internal logic of development and iteration from the bottom, build a data-driven business flywheel system, continuously drive the optimisation of product and service experience through the data provided by users and AI algorithm closed-loop, and finally make data become the core driving force of product and brand optimisation iteration.

This is what a car in the era of intelligence has to offer and what a car should be.

IM Motors: Let us be one

Data endows a car with intelligence and art endows a car with soul. IM Motors partner program’s core value is that users pursue more humanised products and service experiences so that they will yearn for richer and a more connotative humanistic experience and exchange.

IM Motors partner with a multi-award-winning British design and architecture studio founded by the world-renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick—who is known as “Da Vinci of our times”. Heatherwick Studio will cooperate with IM Motors to design a vehicle and charging stations. An international cross domain art team, teamLab, will work with IM Motors to explore the future of vehicle intelligent interaction and create an immersive art experience. The co-founder of the Tianyi culture fund, Jiang Qionger, will explore and realise the progress of art and technology integration. Williams Advanced Engineering, the pioneer explorer in high-end automobile lightweight, battery technology and product optimisation will ensure that every IM Motors user can enjoy the exhilaration of driving high-performance electric vehicles.

For users, the “I” of IM Motors will grow daily from Bilibili, Xiao Hong Shu, GeekPark, etc. Among them, IM Motors will work with the British Council to explore art, education, culture, etc. to stimulate creative expression and exchanges between the Chinese and British youth. This will help young people to understand the brand proposition ‘IM what I am’. In the future, more talented and enthusiastic young people will work with IM Motors to make their passion the passion of users.

IM Motors: Two new mass-produced vehicles were launched

At the brand launch, IM Motors launched two new mass-production cars with unprecedented “IM SPEED“—the Intelligent Pure Electric Car and SUV.

The new mass-production vehicles are produced by the world’s top car and international designers. With a desire to design life, the new cars integrated seemingly opposite design elements, such as science & technology with human nature, art, nature and oriental aesthetics. This endows IM Motors with wisdom, emotion and a new life with unlimited possibilities. In the process of simplification, it is expected that the company will create a brand base that integrates AI and human intelligence to design space for users’ five senses.

According to the plan, IM Motors first mass-production models will gain global bookings during the Automobile Shanghai in April 2021. Here, they will provide more product details and user experience solutions.

Using science and technology to reconstruct the future technology, IM Motors can create a car full of humanities and art sense. In the future, IM Motors will rely on science and technology, respect humanity and create a new mobility experience. In the journey of exploring a software designed car, the new models present what a prototype of future intelligent cars.

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