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Digital Marketing Penang

Here’s how our digital marketing agency in Penang will help you run a successful digital marketing campaign. Click here to get help you achieve a much effective digital marketing campaign.

Also by the end of this post sharing, I will give you tips to run a digital marketing campaign successfully. Make your every Digital Advertising investment spent and time worth! Keep reading.

digital marketing penang

digital marketing penang

I’m taking an example From McDonalds Digital Marketing Strategy use for Penang, Malaysia

There are tons and tons of Digital Advertisements running in Facebook every day.  Most of them are from brands you are familiar with or products that you have interest in. If you are staying in Penang, you are most likely to see Facebook ads from restaurants that are actually located in Penang (If you see restaurants from other states, that is an example of waste-money targeting from that restaurant.)

Give it a little thought. Do you know why you keep seeing those ads?

It is because of Audience Targeting. Do you know that business can actually use your Facebook browsing preference to track you down and to keep showing you those shoes you have been dying to have, or have those travel ads from Air Asia to keep appearing when you browse in Facebook? That is probably because its what your preference are past these few days.

“But do you get annoyed by all these advertisements that is running in your news feed while you are browsing through? Do you just CLOSE Facebook right away?’’

You don’t and I don’t too.

Like I mentioned earlier, companies and Brands that run these Digital Facebook Advertisements actually studied its audiences and our preferences and our behaviors. Some of us actually liked what we saw, and then WE CLICKED!!

Check out these super performing Digital Marketing – Facebook Ad by McDonalds Malaysia.

You can see that the message from this McDonalds Advertisement is very clear. The trip wire is very engaging. For loyal customers who orders delivery services often will definitely place an offer.

First, this is an example of Loss Leader Strategy where the customer will think it is a definite steal. Two Sets meals at a price of 1. Instead of only me buying, I would ask my colleague to buy together and save money today. Alright, let buy Fillet O Fish Set for RM18.00. (RM9.00 per SET) – Killer deal.

Two Customers get to save money! Customer (WIN), McDonalds (WIN)

Next,Food Delivery requires a minimum order of RM20.00. So, need to top up. Let’s get Sundae Ice Cream for RM4.15. Let’s buy 1 each.

Customer buys more to fulfill minimum order!

Customer (WIN since get to eat Ice cream), McDonalds (WIN)

Next, payment page. Delivery RM4.00 & Service charge 6%.

Final price: RM32.128. Who do you scores a bigger wins?

(I need to stress that there is nothing wrong with this Digital Marketing campaign. Customers did pay for a good deal for McDonalds and saved money for the set meal. But in the end the customers just bought more after got attracted by the visually appealing images of delicious food)

This is a brilliant Digital Marketing Campaign. From the Advertisement of RM18.00 for two, you end up paying for RM32.12. Example of a perfect Digital Marketing Campaign. High engagement & high conversion Digital Advertisement Campaign. Bravo fellow Digital Marketing Agency.


Lets look at other even more tempting Digital Advertisement. This time it is a video.

(13.5 million views in a month. What they did right. 16 secs video.)

(Another video, 4.3 million views. 20 secs video.)

Look at the video. It is short, precise to the point and visuals are appealing and clear. From visual images, McDonalds are using videos in Facebook Advertisements. Reason why is the trend.

You need to get this right when you are planning your Digital Advertisements in Social Media. Keep these statistics in mind, these represents data collected on 2017; which will be at a higher stat right now in 2019.

  1. Facebook gets over 8 billion average daily video views.
  2. 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off.
  3. People are 1.5 times more likely to watch video daily on a smartphone than on desktop.
  4. 47% of the value of Facebook video ads happens in the first three seconds.
  5. Millennials are 1.35 times more likely than older generations to say they find it easier to focus when watching videos on mobile.
  6. One in five Facebook videos is now a live broadcast.
  7. By 2020, over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.
  8. Videos earn the highest engagement rate, despite making up only 3% of content.


In Summary,

  1. Adopt videos on your Digital Advertisement,
  2. Use visually appealing video contents that will capture your visitors interest within the first 3 secs and make it short,
  3. Use Facebook Live if possible in your contents posting regularly to feed your loyal customers,
  4. Understand that pictures worth a thousand words, but videos probably worth a Million,
  5. Understanding your audience preferences, buying behaviors, their interest actually help you for a more accurate targeting too.

Meaningful videos with engaging contents targeting your right audiences will mean higher conversion rate. The word here is to target right audiences.



For those who are really keen to start with Facebook Advertisements or Instagram Advertisements to advertise your products and services online after reading my post. Please keep in mind that the above mentioned are only to prepare you on the contents and visuals.

Tip 1:

To run a successful Digital Marketing Campaign for your Business in Penang or in Malaysia, you need to first work on your Digital Marketing Objective. Always know what you want in the end, and then work to improve your digital advertisements to create more accurate and refined audience targeting.

Do you want product awareness? Customer conversion? Or Event Invitation?

Tip 2:

Understand your customers. List this down.

  1. Target where they are,
  2. Find out what are their interest,
  3. Understand why it is important to have it,
  4. Who are the influencer of the product?
  5. When will they most likely buy? Is it a festive item?
  6. How much they are willing to pay

Tip 3:

 Once you are done, you have two options at this case.

Option A: Do you have the time or willing to spend time and money to test the digital advertisement?

You can DIY your Digital Marketing Campaign and learn more as you experience and spend some money for trial and error. However, you will definitely hit some walls along the way; but with hard work and willingness to read more of my articles. You will still have some results. Just don’t give up. Check out this awesome article on building your DIY online business.

Option B: If you need to focus more into your core business process and can’t spend time into experimenting Digital Marketing.

Just drop us an email and tell us all about it. It will be faster and more cost-effective in the long run. After all, we are the one of the highest ranking Digital Advertising and Marketing Agency in Penang and in Malaysia.

digital marketing penang

*Thank you for reading until the end. I will cover on how to make sure you get right audiences for your digital advertisement in my other post. I want to show you how cost effective your digital advertising campaign will be if you get your audiences profile correct.

– By Creative Digital Engine

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