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Quicksent delivery service in Malaysia

Quicksent Delivery available in Malaysia

Is “Quick Sent” A New Food Delivery Power House in Malaysia?

In light of the nationwide restricted movement order, most businesses have been ordered to temporarily close down starting 18 March of 2020. Now with Covid-19 Corona Virus, most of us are scared to go out and eat or even go around. With these concerns in mind, we belive that delivery service will definitely play an important role in near future.

Essential services like utilities, telco, transport, postal, banking, pharmacies, and food suppliers can still operate. However, the public has been strongly discouraged from leaving their homes unless it is absolutely necessary. But don’t worry, if you still need to get errands done, you can do so with Quick Sent – an active delivery services available in Malaysia.

With this article, we did some comparisons on pricing and the service quality compare to Quick Sent. It is right for us to know which one to choose for and not to be blindsided by what these companies offer secretively. We should do what’s right for all of us and only spend wisely to live a more healthy lifestyle while getting good deals.

Quick Sent

Quicksent statistics

Quick Sent Merchant & user data 2020

Quick Sent by Quinton Group is definitely one of the fastest growing logistic company in Malaysia that focus on Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery & Parcel Delivery(Coming soon). They started on year 2018 and currently has over 15,000 merchants in collaboration with over 200,000 users. Famous for its affordable food pricing, they work with mostly local eateries and hawker stores. You can choose to pay via QuinPay.

– Customer Services is good. Their riders come on time and are well mannered. They have bags and wear Quick Sent T-Shirts.
-Delivery fee is low and sometimes even free delivery
-Ordering for a single person is ok due to they don’t have minimum order
-A lot of restaurants available mostly local food

-Cannot find big eateries (they mainly only have local ones)
-Sometimes delivery take long (especially raining times)

– They have good customer services and response is good
-If you prefer local food/eateries, Quicksent is recommended

Other Food Delivery Services in Malaysia


quicksent is the leading delivery platform

this is grab food

Grab ventured to Grabfood only recently. However with their funding they were able to spread through fast. They went from starting off at 300 merchants during launch to now over 1000+ merchants in many states all over Malaysia. Famous for Grab e-hailing, they could easily venture into food with their infrastructure built up in Malaysia.

-Services is good as riders do come on time and are well mannered. They have bags but don’t wear their grab shirts.
-They also have wallet systems integrated, thus able to settle all payments without touching our physical wallets. ( No sure if that’s good though to spend less).
-Rewards are still there. On and Off promotions for Free delivery service.
-Reasonable amount of restaurants. Mainly the big branded outlets are there.

-Expensive food price. The cost of a food items is sometimes almost double the dine in price. Looks like merchants are hiking their prices because of the high commission taken by grab on each menu item. Although delivery fee is only Rm5 or sometimes more, the cost of each item is not worth it. Especially when ordering multiple items, not worth the price. The cost of going to a restaurant becomes cheaper even with toll and petrol included.

-When first launched, got lots of rewards and points, however nowadays it has reduced much more. Very difficult to get free delivery and points are hardly able to be used because of the value of each point has been degraded.

-Very few local restaurants and stalls.

– Not able to find favorite delights easily in many areas.

-Very small radius of delivery distance. Only can get food from nearby shops.

Conclusion :
1. Use only when you want to buy for a single person. It is cheaper than buying for multiple people.

2. Cost is too expensive. Service is good. Only purchase for multiple persons if you prefer service over cost.

3. Service is good and reliable, thus you don’t have to worry about not getting your food or not getting your refund.
4. Customer service is trustable and and reliable.

5. Cashless is good and easy to pay with. Got rewards as well sometimes.


quick sent

this is food panda

Foodpanda was one of the first to start in Malaysia for food delivery. They are here for almost 8 years now and thus have a large database of restaurants on their platform. Almost 5000 or so, more towards high end restaurants and big chain outlets. They have always been aggressive with their promotions and price cuts. Even today for some chains they do offer discounts on events happening in Malaysia. Recently though there were some backlash because they didn’t care about their riders, however things have seem to have calmed already.


-Riders always wear their shirts and bags. Its seen everywhere riders are all over the place especially in kl. Thus they do provide hot meals in the bags provided.

-Lots of choices available in the app.

-Able to do website ordering as well for corporate companies.

-Pizza gets delivered nicely surprisingly, they have some methods of carrying it carefully.

-Promotions happening randomly. Especially during event days they promote to influencers regularly to show their promotions happening open heartedly.

-Good to get discounted food at times. Delivery fee is also reasonable.

-Price of menu is almost double compared to dine in.

-A recent check showed estimated Rm19.90 for ayam penyet compared to their dining price only at RM9.90.

-Customer service is awful, many have complained all over the net about not receiving refunds and starving for hours for their food to arrive.

-Rainy days, very difficult to get an accepted order.

-Some riders are found to be very rude with no customer respect at all.

-Very small radius, cant order from far away only nearby.


1.Food is much more expensive compared to dine in.

2.Discounted offers match the price when dining in, thus that’s good.

3.Riders are rude and that’s a big concern in terms of overall satisfaction.

4.Customer service takes too long to solve a case. Getting a refund is almost impossible.

5.Special demands are missed out most of the time for example no ice or more chili sauce.

All in all, the main conclusion here we can set is that before you place an order, think carefully whether are you doing the right thing for the society, for the riders ,for the economy and for yourself. Save Money the right way by researching before taking an action.

What are the other company brands under Quinton Group

The other brands are:

  1. Quin Reward
  2. Quick Sent
  3. Quin Pavilion
  4. Q Hotel

If you want to know more about Quinpay and more about its functions. You can contact us directly.

If you need business consulting services to help you improve your online sales, you can learn more or contact us directly.


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