Social Media Marketing Malaysia

Social Media Marketing Malaysia

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Here’s an introduction to running a Social Media Marketing in Malaysia. For any business in Malaysia, you have to understand and admit that if your are not on social media today; you are losing out to your competitors. You will be loosing out new customers, have trouble keeping loyal customers and will end up struggling to get customers.

Using social media marketing is a cost-effective method to reach big volume of potential customers; especially when it is still considered not expensive to advertise for Malaysia, compare to countries like Singapore, US, UK and other developed countries. The advertising cost will increase eventually, but today it is still very cost-effective. So, why not use it now?

But then, not every social media platforms are effective for your business. You have to invest in the right social media platform for your business in Malaysia. Only then, you are most likely to get the most out of your investment in Social Media Marketing. There are social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Linkedin and more out there. Choosing the right one will determine your success.


How often should I do Social Media Marketing in Malaysia?

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Your business’s social media marketing should be done as often as possible with consistent posting pattern. I would suggest that you use a Social Media Marketing Calendar planned out for 3 months ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are in Malaysia or any corner of the world, to make your social media marketing a success. You have to be there consistent across all platforms.

Here’s an actual case study from a customer from Malaysia.

A Malaysia based beauty business that has been on the industry for more than 5 years has recently contacted me for advice to solve their business sales issue. For the past 5 years, they relied on words of mouth marketing and banner advertising on the streets.

Issue faced: Now, they are slowly loosing customers and walk-in customers are getting lesser.

Solution: We helped the company with Social Media Advertising and Content Planning for a 6 months package. We had to build a new Facebook page for the business and trained the business owners to manage the page by regularly posting new contents. We also have to prepare artworks and marketing contents for the campaign. When everything is ready in 1 week, we launched the campaign.

Results: Putting in promotion packages on social media advertising was one of the strategy I used, I helped the business to secure new clients almost instantly with a very reasonable cost of 3% from the sales made. Content on social media also helped creating trust and buzz for the company, getting organic followers and building their business online awareness.

* Do not estimate the power of Social Media Marketing and Don’t be afraid to explore new methods to help you adapt to this fast-changing business environment.


What marketing contents should I create to put in social media?

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Social Media Marketing contents should be engaging, related and useful; it should not always be sales related. It is important to communicate with your followers, sharing benefits and testimonials to create trustworthiness. This should be your first step in order to create a successful social media presence for your company.

Before you want to create social media contents, make sure your marketing objective is clear. When you have your objective, plan your contents at least 1-3 months ahead (align with your objective that you want to achieve).

Build a content planner for your social media page, gather your marketing team and plan the contents & find out what are the upcoming festivals or festive coming in 1-3 months ahead. This will help you build the big picture for your short term goal. Use it a a guide and start working on graphics and copywriting earlier. Being consistent in your social media is key to a successful online marketing campaign.


Is Social Media Marketing in Malaysia cheap?

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It depends on which country you compare Malaysia with; it is cheaper to advertise in Malaysia if you compare with US and its expensive if you compare with India. But averagely, Malaysia’s social media advertising cost is still cheap and it worths your investment.

Ask yourself, how many people can you reach in a day by just passing our hard copy brochures in the streets? 1,000 people a day? Social Media Marketing can help you reach 20,000 people a day with the same or less cost.

Here’s another real-life case study.

I received a call from my friend which is a hotel manager. He wanted to explore if the hotel should run social media marketing on its own instead of relying on OTA (Online Travel Agents such as &

Issues faced: OTA fee is as high as 25% – 35% from the selling price. Hotels are being ripped off.

Solution: I helped the hotel with Social Media Advertising to encourage direct website booking. With the advertising cost of RM1,000 a month, I managed to help the hotel secure more than 200+ bookings averagely. If per booking is averagely RM400, I have helped the hotel secure RM80,000 in hotel room bookings with the cost of only RM1,000 (Cost of 1.25% from total sales).

Of cause, the hotel still uses OTA because of OTA’s high customer database. But its own social media marketing campaign helped the hotel save a huge portion of commission payout too. Would you choose to run your own  Social Media Marketing too?


Who can help you manage your social media marketing platform in Malaysia?

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I genuinely believe that every business owner should be involved in the planning of the social media marketing campaign of your own company to make sure that your objective is aligned with what you plan to do. You can have a clearer picture of the advertising cost involved to market your goods/services.

However, a business owner’s role is supposed to be setting the company direction and marketing objective. The works involved with Social Media Marketing should be delegated to the right person or to outsource to the right agency.

Digital Marketing is a department of its own, it involves a project coordinator, graphic designer & media buyer.Setting up a digital marketing department would cost you at least a good RM10,000 per month. However, if you want to outsource it; consider outsourcing it to Creative Digital Engine.

Our rates starts from as low as RM800 per month, you will have a team to work on your social media. Don’t settle for less unless if you want to take on the risk of hiring the wrong team. Contact us today!

The benefits of hiring the right social media marketing agency in Malaysia.






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