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We provide website  design services and web related solutions to help you business get traffic online. From website building to mobile app developing to social media marketing. We are a one stop solution for you online business needs.

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We make sure to provide the best web design services to Ipoh clients at a very reasonable price. A small price in exchange for the customer traffic and sales conversion that you will be getting when you let us help your business do even better online.  

Here are list of the digital marketing services that we provide:

We have served more than 100 clients in over 4 years of operations. We work with corporate clients, entertainment establishments, food & beverage chain stores, fashion retails and many more from different industries. To check out more details about our company services and products, browse through below. Or if you need us to give you a quick quote of our services, kindly contact us.

Consultant Company in Malaysia

For a company who has been running traditional business for many years to transform to online business is not easy. It involves planning of the overall sales process, delivery process and customer services. This is why we at Creative Digital Engine can be your consultant company for your business transformation.

We provide online business consultancy for your business in Malaysia. We are specialized in helping your company grow its presence digitally. To helping you find the most cost-effective methods and digital marketing strategies for your industry, making your company outshine your competitors. 

Our primary role as your consultant company is to help you with:

  • Bring your company business online
  • Provide excellent customer experience buying online
  • Improve your online sales conversion
  • Making sure you are better than your competitors
  • Explore the best cost-effective solution to solve your every problems
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Web Designer Malaysia

We are one of the leading web designer company in Malaysia and we take pride in our works. We have experience working with MNC companies and SME companies on various projects. 

When we help our client crafting their website, we always focus on creating a user friendly and easy to navigate website. Making sure that the website visitor is directed properly with good browsing experience. This help increases the chance for sales conversion and enhances the visitor’s first impression of your company. You can check out some of the designs of websites in the images below.


Social Media Marketing Malaysia

For social media content posting and advertising, it is utmost important to understand when to use pleasure content (people’s motivation) and when to use pain content (people’s fear).

The simple reason is that both content strategies will improve the effectiveness of message you intent to put in the customer’s head and will definitely increase conversion of the advertising or content.

Just like most other marketing tactics, they can either work extremely well or blow up. However, we have tested in various industries in Malaysia;  with the right implementation, both strategies  have proven the tactic to be effective time and time again for social media marketing. 

Web design Ipoh

Running a successful Social Media Marketing campaign will definitely help your company get consistent customer traffic and lead. Don’t you want to have customer enquiries coming in everyday? We at Creative Digital Engine will help you come up with proposals to help you improve your business performance online. Using both Paid Ads & FREE social media methods to make sure your marketing budget is well spent.

If you need help, get our consultant to give you a proposal on how we can help you do better online.

Best SEO Company Malaysia

SEO simply mean search engine optimization. In a common term, a website with SEO will make your website rank on the 1st page of Google’s Search Engine. 

If you have a website that doesn’t rank for the keywords related to your product or services, customers cant find you when they need your product or services. Let’s take Rick’s Flyer Printing Company (located in Ipoh) for an example, if a customer who is looking for flyer printing in Ipoh. They are most likely to search in Google using “flyer printing in ipoh” or “printing company ipoh”

As your appointed SEO agency, we help your company to rank in Google on all related keywords. We can help your company to rank your business in any locations, either local or international for any industry.  We provide very affordable SEO package cater for any sized company. It can be a localized SEO or international SEO, all depends on your business direction and sales target. 

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App Developer Malaysia

Mobile app is the new marketing vehicle for today’s business. This is why we at Creative Digital Engine has a team of competent app developer based in Malaysia to work on building mobile app.

No matter whether you are just starting out a new business or growing an existing business, we all know the business landscape is changed. Having great mobile strategies for your business gives you a competitive edge to beat  your competitors. A mobile app will bring you closer to your customers than your competitors.

Consider implementing  mobile app for your business as a strategy to build relation and loyalty with your customer. While you focus on getting new customers, make sure your existing customers are taken care. Instead of wasting time developing mobile app on your own? You focus on your business growth while we handle your tech backend.

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